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Website Services

Following are just some of the additional services Foothills Computer Solutions can provide to get your website off to a great start and keep running smoothly. Note, these services can be utilized at either a fixed monthly fee or hourly rate.


Maintenance Service

Our website maintenance service consists of:

  • Periodic content updates§
  • Website hosting services
  • Creation and management of website email accounts (if applicable)
  • Creation and management of website sub-domains (if applicable)
  • Malware monitoring, protection, and cleanup
  • Monitor nightly backups Implement off-site backups
  • Periodic testing and restoration of site backups
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Testing and implementing code updates to website framework
  • Install required software and security patches to website framework


Email Newsletter Creation

The benefits of sending email newsletters to visitors who have asked to be included in your mailing list are invaluable:

  • Helps you maintain relationships with your clients
  • Distribute informative and relevant content of value to your clients
  • Promote upcoming events and volunteer opportunities (if applicable)
  • Maintain interest in your product
  • Share your company’s successes
  • Recognize your supporters or volunteers
  • Drives traffic back to your website
  • It’s inexpensive

If you are planning on utilizing mail services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc., Foothills Computer Solutions can help by creating your newsletter for you. Using content you provide, we’ll ensure brand consistency with your website, making your newsletter instantly recognizable while keeping your clients informed.


PC, Mac, Tablet
Technical Support

At minimum, our full service computer tune-up consists of:

  • Full system diagnostics
  • Computer health check
  • Computer security check
  • Scan and removal of viruses and malware
  • Apply the latest operating system security patches
  • In-home service, or
  • FREE pickup and delivery


§ All content updates will be provided by you and we will publish and ensure content format adheres to site guidelines.
Severe viral or malware infections may require in-shop repair services.
Pick up and delivery service available to Okotoks area residents.


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Diagnostics & Tune-Ups


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