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Website Design
Thanks for Reaching Out

First things first, thank you for your allowing Foothills Computer Solutions the opportunity to review your company’s website requirements.

Foothills Computer Solutions was founded on the belief that good web design doesn't need to be expensive, convoluted or difficult to implement.


Before we can provide you with a quote, we need to know a little more about what it is you're looking for in a website. A lot of detail is involved in creating your perfect site, or updating an existing one. The more we know about your company, the more effectively we can assess your needs. Once you’ve completed this questionnaire, we’ll have a great idea of where to start and ways to ensure your company’s new website is scalable for the future.




You may need to set aside 15 to 20 minutes to complete this survey. Please take your time and answer ALL of the questions within this questionnaire. Web design and development is a collaborative process and needs your involvement to be successful.

Here’s what you can expect from Foothills Computer Solutions with regard to all websites we create:

  • Your website will be created using Joomla, which will provide you with an excellent content management system.
  • Google Analytics will be deployed providing you with insight into how visitors and interacting with your site.
  • Your site will be responsive, meaning it will be specifically designed to manage smaller screen displays such as phones and tablets.
  • Our expertise is in building a clean, functional website, designed for your specific needs. We will create the structure and you will be expected to provide the content. It’s very beneficial to have this content already created as it may aid you determining the structure of your site.


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